Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

On June 1, 1926 a film legend was brought into the world. With her birth certificate saying Norma Jean Mortenson, she would be forever known as Marilyn Monroe. This iconic blonde bombshell is remembered for her roles as a dumb blonde. But, as her career grew, she improved receiving critical acclaim for several of her roles. One of the roles that she is most remembered for is as ditzy dancer Lorelei in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Lorelei and Dorothy are showgirls who are best friends. When they get the chance to perform on a cruise they take immediate advantage of it. However, this affects Lorelei’s love life as her fiancee’s father is not approving of their relationship due to her traveling so much. Leaving her fiancee, Gus, behind, Lorelei is given a gift by Gus to remember him cementing their love. Once aboard the boat Lorelei and Dorothy begin to make friends with several of the passengers. One night they are invited to dinner with Piggy Beekman and his wife Peggy. When they are having dinner Piggy reveals to Lorelei some of his precious diamonds he has. Yes, Piggy is a multimillionaire who takes a special shine to Lorelei annoying his wife. Things get worse when a nosy photographer catches Piggy and Lorelei hugging. As for Dorothy, she has fallen in love with a man named Malone. Malone has the same sentiments about Dorothy’s career as Gus’s father. Malone considers Lorelei a gold digger causing her to cut him off completely. When the boat arrives in France, Dorothy and Lorelei start to shop. However, when they try to get a hotel room, they are kicked out because Lorelei’s credit has been cancelled. Things go the wrong way again when Mrs. Beekman files a report for her stolen diamond tiara. Earlier on Piggy had given the tiara to Lorelei as a gift. When Lorelei goes to return the tiara she finds that the box the tiara in, is empty. Being accused of a crime causes her to struggle to prove her innocence. Then Gus shows up to watch Lorelei perform in France with his father, only to learn of the charge causing more drama between them. Struggling with his feelings Gus goes out and watches Lorelei perform “Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend.” After all of this Lorelei’s court date comes. Dorothy tries to stall by disguising herself as Lorelei with a blonde wig. When Lorelei does arrive she performs a dance for the crew only to have it be shut down in court. While giving testimony Lorelei tells a story of Dorothy and her love for Malone. Realizing that Dorothy does love him, Malone rushes off to find the missing tiara. It is revealed that Piggy Beekman had the tiara all along. With Lorelei cleared, she makes a statement to Gus’s father. Impressing him, he finally gives his consent for the two to be married. The movie closes with Lorelei and Dorothy marrying their significant others as the credits role.

In 1953 Marilyn Monroe performed “Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend” in one of her finest performances. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes has her in one of her typical dumb blonde roles, even though she was really smart in real life. On June 1, 1926 she was born as Norma Jean. Today, she is forever remembered as Marilyn Monroe.


2 thoughts on “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

  1. Belinda O says:

    I love this movie! It really is a treasure. The line that always makes me laugh is Lorelei’s response to the tiara, “I just love finding new ways to wear diamonds!” Marilyn had to be talented to make the dumb blonde so appealing. Often those characters are simply annoying when played by lesser actresses.

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