A vengeful fairy dressed black with her black horns standing and the film's title belowAngelina Jolie turns forty one years old on June 4th. Throughout her life she has gained the respect as an actress, producer and director. Throughout her career, she has brought to life many characters who are weak and strong. In the 2014 Disney movie Maleficent we are introduced to a different side of the iconic villain.

Maleficent is a wondrous fairy who adores the world around her. However, she lives in the moors far away from the kingdom of men. One day a young boy named Stephen wanders into the moors. The curious Maleficent meets Stephen and the two begin a friendship, which leads to love. Later on Maleficent and Stephen have grown up in their separate worlds. When Maleficent embarrasses the human king, Stephen betrays Maleficent by cutting off her wings. By doing so, Stephen is made King of the country enraging Maleficent. With the help of her faithful crow Diablo she learns that Stephen has married and is expecting a child. When the baby, a girl named Aurora, is born Maleficent takes her revenge out on Stephen on her. The three good fairies take Aurora away after Maleficent casts her spell. However, Maleficent has never been too far away watching after the baby girl as she grows up. Eventually, Maleficent and Aurora come face to face with Aurora embracing her. Believing Maleficent to be her fairy godmother, Aurora starts to spend more time with her. Maleficent tries to revoke the curse that will kill her on her sixteenth birthday, but is unable to do so. When Aurora decides she wants to spend the rest of her life in the moors, she tells the three good fairies who have raised her only to be told the truth. Running to Maleficent she learns that there is nothing that can stop the curse from happening. Aurora runs back to the kingdom where she embraces her father who has gone mad. A paranoid Stephen has been driven mad to abusing his power to make a suit made of iron. The only element that can harm Maleficent is iron with Stephen going to extreme lengths to make sure that he will be kept safe. Upon seeing Aurora he has her sent to a room to be locked up. Meanwhile, Maleficent finds Prince Phillip, who met Aurora earlier, and takes him to the castle. Sadly, Aurora has fallen under the spell and is now in a deep sleep, much to the sadness of everyone around her. When Maleficent drops Phillip off he is taken in to see the Aurora. He kisses her, but to no avail. Maleficent enters the room and is able to bring Aurora back by a tear due to her love for her as a mother. Aurora and Maleficent start to head back to the moors only to fall trap to King Stephen. Aurora is locked in a room and frees the wings that Stephen had cut off Maleficent. Realizing that she cannot kill Stephen, he ends up falling to his death after she tries to leave him behind. With Stephen dead, Aurora is crowned Queen of both lands of man and beast. The movie closes with Maleficent bringing back happiness to her home. While Aurora and Phillip start a courtship.

Maleficent brings a different side of the story of a classic villain. In 2014, Angelina Jolie brought her to life to tell us that there are two sides to every story. On June 4, 1975 this legendary actress was born with a career as inspiring as her characters.


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