Sex and the Single Girl

Tony Curtis was a comedic actor who brought laughter to life on screen. On June 3, 1925, Tony Curtis was born as Bernard Schwartz. Throughout his career he was able to bring beloved characters to life. In the 1964 comedy Sex and the Single Girl, he brings to life a reporter for a magazine who is given an outrageous assignment.

When Bob Weston’s coworker writes a dirty article for STOP magazine he is put to the test. Learning the woman who his friend has slandered is author Helen Brown he ends up having to interview her. A very offended Helen informs Bob that her book is about relationships, and that is all he hears from her. Bob gets the idea of researching some of the relationship that Helen wrote about. Getting the help of his friend who is having marriage problems, Bob starts to learn a thing or two about relationships. Encouraging his friend to seduce Helen, Bob finds that Helen is very reluctant to get into relationships until she full knows th guy. Finding that he is falling for Helen, Bob tries to hook his friend up with some other girl. However things go awry when Bob’s friend is arrested for bigamy after his wife finds out. With his article almost complete, Bob decides not to publish it due to his love for Helen. Bob chases Helen down and professes his love for her, and the two start dating.

Sex and the Single Girl is a 1964 film that has Tony Curtis portraying an unwitting reporter who wants to get a scoop. With a career that spread across six decades, Tony Curtis is a legend that will be forever remembered.


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