Ted poster.jpgMark Wahlberg has had quite the career in Hollywood. From modeling to being in Academy Award winning movies, he has surely grown. Out of all of his performances that he has portrayed, the role of John Bennett in the 2012 comedy Ted stands out the most.

In 1985, John Bennett receives a teddy bear as a gift for Christmas. John is a lonely boy and wishes for his bear to be real. Much to his and his parents surprise, the wish works. Ted becomes an overnight sensation in America. Flashing forward to the year 2012 when John is a grown man and living with his girlfriend Lori, and Ted. Lori struggles from day to day life with Ted living in the same apartment as them. Eventually, Lori convinces John to tell Ted to get a job. Ted reluctantly accepts one as a store clerk at the local grocery store. Comparing his downfall to fame to other fallen stars, Ted works on bringing back his career. However, there is a man who is after Ted who hopes to bring money in for himself. When part of his plan starts to work things go crazy for John, Lori and Ted. In a comedic and some what dramatic turn of events, the man is forced to give up in the end, while John and Lori live happily ever after.

In the 2012 film Ted, we follow the life of a man and his childhood best friend. Even though the best friend is a teddy bear we still the fun starts from the beginning. Mark Wahlberg stars in this film as a man who is able to live through his childhood as an adult.


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