The Longest Day

Original movie poster for the film The Longest Day.jpgJune 6, 1944 will be forever known as D-Day. When the Allies invaded Northern France in order to stop Nazi Germany they would partake in the greatest amphibious invasion of all time. In the 1962 war epic The Longest Day we are introduced to the full day this historic battle took place.

The movie opens up with the days leading up to the invasion. With the Allies anticipating the invasion, however the weather is not cooperating. Then Dwight D. Eisenhower  acting as the Supreme Allied Commander gives the thumbs up for them to invade. Throughout the movie, we are introduced to all of the troops from America, Canada, and the United Kingdom for their part of the invasion. They also show the reaction of  the French Resistance as they welcome the Allies with open arms as they hope to be liberated from Nazi tyranny. Key events are portrayed in this movie, like the British securing Pegasus Bridge and the American paratroopers as they are scattered throughout Northern France. As for the Germans, the commanders of the army are taken by surprise as the invasion gets larger with the Germans being out numbered on the beach head. The film concludes with a montage of the Allied forces as they consolidate the beach and advance into France to fight the Nazis.

The Longest Day, to me, portrays the best use of D-Day in film because all, the British, Canadian, and American were portrayed. This 1962 epic is a reminder that there were other men who gave their lives on June 6, 1944 for the freedom of the world we live in today. The Longest Day is an epic that will be remembered for reminding us why we have the world we live in.


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