Kiss Me Kate

KissMeKateFilm.JPGA little catch up time is in order as I have been busy with a fun filled weekend which left me no time for blogging. So, going back to June 9, I am going to honor one of the most beloved musical composers of all time. Cole Porter wrote songs for the popular musical Kiss Me Kate. This was the first musical to ever win a Tony Award.

Fred and Lilli are a divorced couple hoping to get a role in the new Cole Porter musical based off of the Shakespeare play The Taming of the Shrew. However, there are a couple people ahead of them. With Lois Lane in the lead role and her boyfriend Bill Calhoun as her partner, Fred and Lilli settle for the parts they get. However, Bill ends up gambling most of his money away leaving him in debt with Fred helping him out. As the show gets underway Lois and Bill start to have relationship issues due to his gambling. But, things do start to heat up with Lilli and Fred as they realize they have feelings for each other. With the show heading in the right direction, Lilli starts to struggle with her feelings for Fred and her fiancee. Sticking to the traditional story of the play, Fred ends up becoming friends with Lilli’s fiancee. However, Lillie ends up being rushed to the hospital upsetting Tex, the fiancee, causing her to break up with him. Yet, things get underway with Lilli and Fred getting back together. As well as, Lois and Bill cementing their love for each other.

Kiss Me Kate is a revolutionary musical that won the first Tony Award ever. Cole Porter was born on June 9, 1891 this musical master is one that will forever be remembered. Kiss Me Kate was adapted to a movie in 1953 with an all star cast to lead the way.


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