AmericanGigiPoster.jpgJay Alan Lerner was one of the most inspirational lyricist of all time. On June 14, 1986 he passed away with many people still singing the songs he brought to life. In the musical Gigi he was able to bring alive a story to stage and screen.

Taking place in the 20th century in Paris members of high society are meeting to their standard. This goes for Honore Lachelle who is introducing his nephew Gaston to this world. Upon Gaston’s arrival he makes a great impression on the free spirited Gigi. However, Gigi is being groomed by her aunt who is a courtesan in order to learn manners. Yet, Gigi is not one to quickly conform to the society that they want her in. Now, Gaston is known to be a wealthy womanizer leading Gigi to think wrongly about him. When Gaston and Gigi try to work things out things only get worse for them due to relatives meddling in their lives. With Gaston breaking up with her, only to ask for her back within a few hours. However, he dumped Gigi publicly leading her to leave him. Yet, through all of this Gigi realizes that she does love Gaston and accepts his proposal for marriage after much thought. The movie ends with Honore Lachelle showing that Gigi and Gaston are married enjoying a day out in Paris as the film credits close.

Jay Alan Lerner brought the lyrics to life for the musical Gigi. In 1958, Gigi was adapted into a movie to come to critical acclaim. On June 14, 1986 Jay Alan Lerner passed away with many inspirational songs from the words in his head.


2 thoughts on “Gigi

  1. Catherine says:

    People fail to remember the original French version of Gigi. It starred my better half’s aunt–Daniele Delorme. Daniele had been asked to star in the Arthur Freed production but turned it down as she didn’t want to leave France. I asked her if she felt bad that she didn’t come over to film it. She didn’t. She was happy for Caron but didn’t want to do US films. She did, however make it to broadway later on–but not in Gigi.

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