Love Story

Love Story (1970 film).jpg“Love means never having to say your sorry,” was spoken by Ali McGraw in the 1970 film Love Story. Yet, there would be no love story without Erich Segal. Born on June 16, 1937, he wrote one of the most well known love stories of all time simply called Love Story.

Oliver Barrett III is a young Harvard student who comes from a well off family. When he meets Jenny, a girl who is below his social class standard, his family is disappointed. Even through this, Oliver and Jenny fall in love with each other despite disapproval from both sides. Things get tough when Oliver’s father cuts him off financially due to his decision to marry Jenny. The two struggle to make it through their college careers. Things start to look up when Oliver graduates from Law School top of his class with the two finally moving on with their lives. However, things take a sad turn when Oliver is told that Jenny is terminally ill. This leads to Oliver going to his father for money. Eventually, his father gives him a check in order to cover expenses for “getting a girl in trouble.” As time goes on Jenny gets worse with her and Oliver saying good-bye on her hospital bed. With Jenny passed on Oliver tells his father off and spends the rest of the day by an ice rink where he and Jenny used to hang out.

Love Story is one of the most well known movies of all time. With a timeless classic of two young lovers going against the odds, nothing seems to stop them. In 1970, Love Story was made into a movie based off of Erich Segal’s book.


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