On June 20, 1975 Jaws swam into theaters. In this classic, well done, and terrifying movie many people were scared to go back into the water after they watched the opening scene. When Jaws came to theaters it became the highest grossing film at the time leading to the term “summer blockbusters.”

When a young girl is killed by a shark off the coast of Amity, a small New England town, Sheriff Brody is told it is a shark. However, the shark that he was told is not native to the area. After being told by the mayor to not shut down the beach, Brody keeps them open. Sadly, a young boy is killed the next day after a similar attack that was witnessed. Due to the reward money being offered by the mother, there are many fishermen who are determined to catch the shark and kill it. In the meantime, Matt Hooper, an oceanographer is brought in. Soon after making the acquaintance of Brody, a group of local fishermen catch a tiger shark. Believing the danger to be gone, Brody and the locals celebrate. Brody believes this to be the shark until Matt informs him that the diameter of the sharks mouth does not match the one from girl who was killed. After being approached by the young boy who was killed mother, Brody decides to go out with Matt to figure out whether or not the predator is still out there. Brody and Matt find a boat with a dead body inside leading them to realize the shark is still out there. However, the beaches are opened again due to everyone believing that the shark is dead. With the Fourth of July weekend creating huge beach buzz, the shark strikes again nearly killing Brody’s son and killing another man. After this happens. Brody approaches the mayor demanding he give Quint, a professional shark hunter, everything he wants to kill the shark. Soon after Quint, Matt, and Brody find themselves on the high seas to kill the great white that is terrorizing Amity. Once out at sea, tensions run high after Quint smashes the radio with the shark attacking the boat. All of this leads Matt to go into the water to kill the shark with a poisoned harpoon. But, this plan goes badly with the shark killing Quint after successfully causing the boat to start sinking. Brody, who is left alone to face the shark, manages to place an oxygen tank in the mouth of the shark. Eventually, he manages to shoot the oxygen tank causing it to explode with the shark dying. Brody reunites with Matt and they start to swim back to shore.

Jaws is one of those rear movies that still scare people about going into the water. On June 20, 1975, Jaws came to theaters to smash the box office leading to the term “summer blockbuster.” Jaws is still a classic that is beloved by many.


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