Peter Pan (1953)

PeterpanRKO.jpgEver wish you could fly off to Neverland like Peter Pan? Well, there would be no Neverland without J.M. Barrie. On June 19, 1937, J.M. Barrie passed away leaving behind a beloved book about the innocence of youth. In 1953, Peter Pan was made into a movie by Walt Disney. To me, this is the most well known version of Peter Pan there is out there.

When the Darling family dog accidentally angers the father, he lashes out at his family. Although his anger is out of frustration, he is very late for an appointment with his wife. He informs his eldest daughter Wendy that she is to move out of the nursery because it is time for her to grow up. After bringing the dog outside, he and his wife leave the children at home. That night they are woken up by Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. When Wendy informs Peter of her problems he takes her with John and Michael, her brothers to Neverland. Once there they find themselves in trouble with Captain Hook who tries to blow them out of the sky. However, they are able to make it to the Lost Boys with Peter telling them that Wendy is going to be their mother from now on. Throughout the film, Wendy is shown to have feelings for Peter Pan. This becomes most evident after Peter saves Tiger Lily from being killed by Captain Hook. While at a celebration for this Peter gets a kiss from Tiger Lily leaving her to leave angrily. However. Captain Hook has corrupted Tinkerbell leading her to give him information about Wendy and the Lost Boys. Hook’s pirates kidnap them all leaving a bomb for Peter. Knowing what is about to happen to Peter, Tinkerbell takes off and saves Peter just in time. Informing Peter about the state of the others he takes off to save them. Making it there just in time to save Wendy, he is able to lead a fight on Captain Hooks ship which he wins. After some convincing he takes Wendy, John, and Michael back to their home. Once there they are reunited with their parents. Their father apologizes to them as he looks into the sky seeing the cloud that was left by the ship telling his children that he had once seen the ship many years ago.

J.M. Barrie created a new world out his book Peter Pan. Many people have taken on the classic tale creating sequels and prequels to his works. In 1937, Walt Disney created one of the most well known versions of Peter Pan there is known today. On June 19, 1953, J.M. Barrie passed away, but not without leaving the world of Neverland and the story of a boy who never grew up.


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