The Princess Bride

Many people remember Peter Falk as Colombo, the detective who seems to figure out the killer that no one else believed. Yet, he had another famous role for all generations to enjoy. In the 1987 film The Princess Bride, he opens the movie by narrating the story to his young grandson.

When an elderly grandfather is sent to babysit his sick grandson, he decides to read him a story. However, the grandson is more concerned with playing video games. Once the story gets started the young boy is instantly taken into the novel. We are told the story of Buttercup, a young maiden who falls for the stable boy Westley. Sadly, she receives the news that Westley dies. With a broken heart she decides to marry Prince Humperdink, making her a princess upon marriage. However, Buttercup is kidnapped by Vizzini and his two henchmen: a giant named Fezzik and a Spanish master swordsman Inigo Montoya. When they are being pursued by a mysterious masked man, Vizzini leaves Inigo Montoya to finish him off. During this we learn that Inigo’s father was killed by a man with six fingers when he talks to the masked man. After overtaking Inigo, managing to chock Fezzik, and “kill” Vizzini by making him drink poison, it is revealed that the masked man is Westley. Realizing this is her beloved, Buttercup happily reunites with him. Sadly, this would not be for long as Buttercup is found by Humperdinck’s men and is taken to the castle. In the meantime, Fezzik and Inigo are reunited in a village and stumble upon Westley whom they decide to help after he is nearly killed on Count Rugen. The two take him to Miracle Max where he is revived. The three plan an invasion of the castle to stop Buttercup from marrying Humperdinck. However, things don’t go according to plan when Humperdinck and Buttercup marry. Humperdinck proves to be a villain when he reveals that he is the one who had Buttercup kidnapped in order to kill her so he can declare war. He plans on killing her that night and frame it on spies. Once Westley, Fezzik, and Inigo enter the castle they are separated. Inigo runs into Count Rugen, who is the six fingered man who killed his father, duels him managing to kill him after saying,”Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die.” Westley finds Buttercup just as she is about to kill herself. After facing off with Humperdinck, Westley takes Buttercup along with Fezzik and Inigo and escape the castle. The film then goes back to the grandfather where he reveals that they all lived happily ever after. With the grandfather finishing the story, his grandson’s mother returns home. Promising to return the next day for a visit re-reading The Princess Bride to him.

Peter Falk portrayed a small part in The Princess Bride. Yet, without the narration from the grandfather the movie would not be the same. On June 23, 2011, Peter Falk passed away with many people remembering for his talent as he brought beloved characters to the screen.


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