The Parent Trap (1961)

When Brian Keith portrayed the father in the 1961 film The Parent Trap, he brought one of the most beloved characters alive. On June 24, 1997, Brian Keith passed away after a six decade career in film, television, and stage. But, none of his performances were like the one as Mitch Evers in The Parent Trap.

When Susan Evers and Sharon McKendrick meet at camp they get off on the wrong foot immediately. Susan and Sharon sabotage each other until, they end up in a fight at a dance leading them to be sent to the isolation cabin. Doing their best to avoid each other until, they strike up a conversation after a storm. After this conversation they discover that they are long lost sisters after their parents divorced. Susan and Sharon decide to switch places in order to get their parents to reunite. When summer is over Susan heads off to Boston, while Sharon goes to California. Once in Boston, Susan meets her mother for the first time, as well as her maternal grandparents. Susan enjoys the time she spends with her mother learning how they met. As for Sharon, she is ecstatic to be with her father. But, things go sour when she learns that her father is in a relationship with a much younger woman. After learning from the maid that she is after him for his money, she contacts Susan who insists upon staying in Boston with her mother longer. However, this gets cut short when Sharon learns that Vicki, the young girl, and Mitch, her father, are engaged to be married. With the news relayed to Susan she knows that they have to act fast. Upon breaking the news to her mother, Susan and Maggie, her mother, head off to California. Once they arrive in California there is some confusion for Mitch as he is unaware that his ex=wife and other daughter are in the house. When the truth comes out Mitch and Maggie fight while their daughters start to work on their parents relationship. The only people who are unhappy about this are Vicki and her mother. Yet, Sharon and Susan manage to make Mitch and Maggie relive their first date before Maggie decides to head off to Boston. With their plan heading to ruins, Sharon and Susan decide to trick their parents into going on a camping trip together. But, Maggie decides to stay behind so Vicki can get to know the girls better. However, Sharon and Susan play quite a few pranks on her leading her to reveal who she really is to Mitch. With the truth out, Mitch leaves Vicki and returns home. Upon returning home Mitch and Maggie reconcile much to their daughters delight. With the family they have always wanted, Sharon and Susan smile at the work of their plan.

When The Parent Trap came out in 1961 many people fell in love with the story over and over again. However, without Brian Keith’s performance as Mitch Evers, the movie would not be the same. On June 24, 1997, Brian Keith passed away with many people still remembering him today.


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