Fantasia 2000

Many people have heard of Igor Stravinsky’s ballet The Firebird. The music for this ballet was used in the 1999 movie Fantasia 2000. In this movie we have several different pieces of music, just like the original Fantasia before it.

Through out Fantasia 2000 we are introduced to different music pieces that have been combined with animation. Between each segment, there are guests who are introducing them one by one, from Angela Lansbury to Mickey Mouse to Penn and Teller there is nothing stopping from the intro to each piece being individual. The music is put to the classic tales like The Tin Soldier and The Sorcerers Apprentice. While other pieces are goofy like The Carnival of Animals and a take on Noah’s Ark with Donald Duck in the role. Then there are the pieces that delve into the imagination like Pines of Rome with humpback whales flying. Taking classical music and using animation with it reflects the beauty of the Firebird Suite. In this section a curious little sprite accidentally sets off a forest fire leading to destruction. In the end, she would be able to build up the forest that she cared for, but not without help.

On June 25, 1910 The Firebird Suite premiered. This ballet by Igor Stravinsky was able to create a ballet using music that would inspire many generations. Without this music, The Firebird Suite segment of Fantasia 2000 would not exist.


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