On June 28, 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated starting World War I. Five years later to the day the Treaty of Versailles was signed. Both of these events were vital to the beginning and end of World War I. In the 2006 movie Flyboys we are introduced to a group of young men who leave to train as pilots in France.

When a group of young men head off to France to fight in World War I they learn just what they are in for, quickly. Under the tutelage of Captain Georges Thenault: Blaine Rawlings, Briggs Lowry, Eugene Skinner, Beagle, Porter and Jamie all learn how to fly. All of these men come from different walks of life. But, quickly the men start to grow close as friends. As the war wages on, they overcome their fears as they enter combat. Knowing that they are under constant attack, all of them know that they might not make it back home. But, through bravery and courage they know that they will be able to make a difference for the world in the end.

On June 28, 1914 World War I began and on June 28, 1919 World War I officially ended. In the 2006 film, Flyboys, we are introduced to what fighter pilots had to go through in order to go into battle. In this historical drama, we watch as they all go above and beyond.


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