The Cider House Rules

Many people know Tobey Maguire as Spiderman. However, his career is far and beyond that of a superhero many people know. In the 1999 film The Cider House Rules he proves that as a young orphan.

Homer Wells is an orphan growing up in Maine. He lives in an orphanage under a kind man, Dr. Wilbur Larch. After being returned time after time by foster family he grows closer to Lurch we learn that, the dear doctor is a secret abortionist and addicted to ether. After growing tired of living in the orphanage Home decides to leave the only place he has called home. Leaving with a girl named Candy and her boyfriend Wally, he moves into the Worthington estate. However, when World War II comes, Wally heads off to war, but not Homer as Dr. Larch had stated he had a heart condition. Staying behind, Homer and Candy start an affair. But, things are not going well for Homer as he discovers that he had knocked up a girl who he insists gets an abortion. When Wally returns from the war, he comes back s a paraplegic. Candy decides she wants to stay with Wally leaving Homer to return to the orphanage. When he does return, Dr. Larch succumbs to an ether overdose. Homer decides to step into the shoes of Dr. Larch as head of the orphanage with the line “Goodnight you princes of Maine, you kings of New England!” just like Dr. Larch used to say.

The Cider House Rules starred Tobey Maguire proving that he is a one of a kind actor. On June 27, 1975, Tobey Maguire was born. With a movie career that purely expands throughout the years, Tobey Maguire is an actor that will go down in history.


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