Bringing Up Baby

BabyPoster2.jpgOn June 29, 2003 one of the best known actresses of all time passed away. Katharine Hepburn was one of the most respected actresses of all time. Her talent is still well known today within the films that she starred in. In the 1938 comedy Bringing Up Baby she is able to prove her talents as a ditsy heiress.

When mild mannered scientist David Huxley meets Susan Vance the day before his wedding he is taken aback by her. Susan is a free spirited young woman who enjoys most everything about life without thinking of the consequences. Things take a comedic turn when David discovers that Susan has a pet leopard. After this, David realizes that he really doesn’t love his fiancee and uses Susan to prevent him from getting married the next day. Finding out that he is falling love with the young woman, David does what he can to get close to her. Although, this leads the two of them to ending up in jail due to a befuddled policeman believing them to have taken the leopard from the circus, they find themselves going their separate ways. However, Susan discovers that David is still jilted a bit by breaking up with his fiancee. The next day they end up at the museum David works at. There they find they find that they are meant for each other when David saves Susan after she climbs a ladder and leads a dinosaur skeleton to collapse.

Katharine Hepburn proved that she was an actress of all kinds. She could be comical and dramatic all the same. On June 29, 2003 she passed away with a legacy in films that is still recognized today.


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