David Alan Grier is one of the most well respected comedians and actors of today. On June 30, 1956 he was born bringing in a life of entertainment with him. In the 1995 film Jumanji he was able to combine all of his talents into bringing a character to life.

In 1969 Alan Parrish and his friend Sarah finds the game Jumanji and ends up in the game for real. Flash forward to the year 1995, Judy and Peter Shepherd end up freeing Alan and Judy from their prison. However, in doing so they brought all the elements from the game with them, including wild life safari. Learning that they have to finish the game, they go and visit Alan’s old friend Carl who is now a police officer. Recognizing that his friend has been trapped in a game for the past twenty-six years he decides to help out. They are able to finish the game, with Sarah and Alan going back to 1969 to when they were kids. Going to present day we learn that Carl is still on the police force, Alan and Sarah are married, and Judy and Peter are starting to adjust to their new life.

Jumanji was a movie that was quite like nothing else. In this movie, David Alan Grier brings to life the character of Carl, the best fried of Alan. This funny and witty comedian was born on June 30, 1956 with an entertaining life ahead of him.


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