The Grey Fox

Happy Canada Day everyone! In honor of Canada Day, I have decided to do a post on one of the films that many in Canada consider a great Canadian film. The Grey Fox is a 1982 film that follows the life of a train robber.

After stealing from many stagecoaches, Bill Miner is caught and sentenced to thirty-three years in prison. When he gets out of prison, Bill finds himself in a new time in a new century in the year 1901. Wandering around and enjoying his new surroundings since he was out of jail he runs into Katherine Flynn. He quickly falls in love with Katherine, who is an ardent feminist. However, Bill has started to rob trains again. Gaining quite the reputation being called the Grey Fox, he starts to consider leaving his life of crime behind. Although he knows that he may never be too far from crime, he starts to think about what life would be like with Katherine. But, before he could seriously consider this he ends up getting caught up in a train robbery again. This proves to be his biggest downfall as he is caught and sentenced to prison. However, true to his name he is able to escape jail and is never seen again in Canada.

There are several films that come from Canada that many people enjoy. The 1982 film The Grey Fox is no different. Considered by many one of the greatest Canadian films of all time, it continues to be enjoyed by many people worldwide. I hope everyone had a wonderful Canada Day today on July 1.


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