Carrie (1976)

Betty Buckley was born on June 3, 1947 with a career of acting and singing ahead of her. Many people know her as the schoolteacher from Eight is Enough. However, she gave quite the performance as the kind and caring teacher to Carrie White in the 1976 horror film Carrie.

Carrie White is different from everyone around her. No one seems to understand this girl who is being raised by her crazed religious mother. When Carrie gets her period after gym class in the locker room she is in shock as she does not know what it is. After being called names and getting sanitary objects thrown at her, the kind Miss Collins helps her out and punishes the rest of the class. Telling the class that they cannot go to prom unless they serve detention for what they did to Carrie is met with resilience, primarily by Chris Hargensen. When Chris skips out on detention she ends up not being able to go to prom and decides to take her revenge out on Carrie. However, one of Chris’s friends, Sue Snell feels bad for Carrie and wants to help her out. With Sue convincing her boyfriend Tommy to go with her. Although reluctant at first, Carrie agrees to go with Tommy. In the meantime, Carrie is just starting to discover that she is telekinetic. Learning more and more about the power she holds, Carrie is taken aback by what she is able to do with her mind. However, her overbearing mother ends up punishing Carrie for every small thing, like when Carrie got her period her mother threw her in the prayer closet. Knowing that her mother will not take kindly to her going to prom, Carrie makes her own dress and goes anyway. At the prom, Carrie starts to enjoy herself, for what seems like the first time in her life. Things go well up until, she ends up being called Prom Queen alongside Tommy as Prom King with pigs blood being dumped on her head. This horrific prank was pulled off by Chris and her boyfriend Billy. This leads to Carrie having a breakdown and killing everyone in her class with a fire. Although, Tommy was killed by the bucket that held the pigs blood when it fell on his head. With all of this going on, Chris and Billy try to take Carrie down, but she ends up killing them. Returning home in her bloody dress, Carrie ends up killing her mother by accident. When she realizes what she has done she takes down the house she lives in with her. The movie closes with Sue Snell visiting the ground where Carrie’s house once stood placing flowers on her grave. But, before she could leave, Carrie’s arm comes out from the ground and grabs her. As Sue screams in pain we learn that this is just a nightmare she is having as her mother tries to console her.

Betty Buckley’s role as the gym teacher Miss Collins was one that many people were able to cheer on. Unlike many of the other characters who were cruel to Carrie, she was kind and understanding towards the outcast. On June 3, 1947 Betty Buckley was born with a life that would lead her to fame and stardom.


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