E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Yesterday, July 2nd, many people celebrated World UFO Day. There has been quite an impact in Hollywood with the use of aliens and the great unknown. On July 2nd, many people use this day to raise awareness of the undoubted existence of UFO’s and their sightings. One of the most well known films that involves aliens and UFO’s is the 1982 classic E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.

When a little botanist alien is left behind in the forest of California he sets out to find a place to stay. In the meantime, a young boy named Elliot is in need of a friend. When Elliot meets the little alien he is taken off guard. After some bonding time, Elliot finds that E.T. is the friend that he needs. However, his family does not believe him and things run amok when E.T. is left home alone. Little does Elliot know that he and E.T. have formed a bond that connects them telepathically. This eventually leads to the rest of his family discovering E.T. where they work to make him feel at home, until he can find away home. But, they accidentally attract the attention of government agents who are looking for E.T. When they find E.T. they take him away and quarantine the family for questioning. But, nothing seems to break the bond with Elliot and his friend. Eventually, they are able to break E.T. out of his government prison where they find a spacecraft in the woods willing to take him home. Elliot bids farewell to his friend as he boards the spaceship to go home.

When E.T. The Extra Terrestrial premiered in 1982 many people were wowed with the adventure that they had watched. Yesterday, on July 2nd many people ahd celebrated World UFO Day. Many people do believe in the existence of aliens and ships they come in on from outer space, just like the one that E.T came in on.


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