Ned Beatty came to critical acclaim in the 1972 drama thriller Deliverance. Born on July 6, 1937, he would grow on to become one of the most respected actors in Hollywood. Throughout his many roles, he would not be where he is today without his brilliant acting in Deliverance.

Four middle class working men decide to take a camping trip through a river in Georgia. Lewis, Ed, Bobby, and Drew all pack up their cars and head on out. Along the way they run into some locals who they mock. The camping trip starts off like a normal one with canoeing, small talk, hunting, and setting camp. However, when Lewis and Drew leave Bobby and Ed things take a turn. While they are away, Bobby and Ed encounter some of the locals. After a few words are exchanged, Ed ends up being held at gunpoint, while one of the men rapes Bobby. Right when Ed is about to be attacked by the other local, Lewis shoots one with an arrow from his curve bow. Things get worse from there when they learn that there is no way that Lewis would get a fair trial. With Drew and Ed conflicted, while a humiliated Bobby wants to move on, they decide to bury the man in a shallow grave. They leave their campsite and head for home. Everything seems to be going fine until Drew falls in the water. With the canoe losing control: Ed, Lewis, and Bobby are helpless to fall into the river while contemplating what happened to Drew. Believing that one of the locals shot him, Ed starts to climb a mountain to approach them. In the meantime, Lewis has injured himself with Bobby staying behind with him. When Ed reaches the top a scuffle ensues with him killing one of the locals, who turns out to be one of the rapists. When Ed returns, he and Bobby bring Lewis to a hospital. Along the way back home they run into a sheriff who tells them not to return due to the “locals going missing.” Ed and Bobby go their separate ways deciding not to talk for a while. The movie ends with Ed, having returned home, waking up from a nightmare of a skeleton rising from the ground.

Deliverance came out in 1972 to a great amount of critical acclaim. Known for cutting the budget costs by having the main actors do their own stunts, this movie is one that will go down in history. Ned Beatty brought to life the role of Bobby,a man who everyone sympathized with due to his assault.


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