Young Frankenstein

Marty Feldman had quite the appearance. The famous comedian born on June 8, 1934 was known for his big bulbous eyes. Even though he probably faced some ridicule, this didn’t stop him from going above and beyond with comedy. In the 1974 film Young Frankenstein he portrayed Igor, a role that would garner him international attention.

Dr. Frederick Frankestein is a professor of medicine attempting to distance himself from his great grandfather’s disaster with bringing the dead back to life. However, when a young solicitor ends up at his doorstep he finds that he must go to Transylvania to collect the estate that he has inherited. Leaving with personal assistant Inga behind, he heads off with the hunchback Igor, whom he just met at the train station. Upon arrival Fred finds himself being driven into his great grandfather’s work. Realizing that he is not exactly welcomed by the house keep Frau Blücher, he starts to work on his own Frankenstein monster. Sending Igor out to get a human brain, collects all that he needs to make the monster real. However, what Fred does not know is that Igor has brought back an abnormal brain. When the monster comes to life he does not act like he is supposed too and learns the truth from Igor about the brain that was put in the monster. However, when the monster gets out chaos starts to ensue. With uneasy townspeople, policemen running amok, and the unexpected arrival of the beautiful Elizabeth, his fiancee things get out of hand. Eventually, Elizabeth falls in love with the monster, Fred ends up with Inga, and Igor being Igor everything turns out fine. Even though, there were a series of comedic events that lead them to this point.

Marty Feldman was able to be who he was while bringing laughs to many people. In the movie Young Frankenstein he stars as a somewhat dimwitted hunchback Igor. On July 8, 1934, Marty Feldman was born with a life of comedy and entertainment ahead of him.



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