Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks is one of the most well respected actors of all time. Everyone has seen movies that he has starred in. In each one of these he has inspired many young men and women through the years. In the 1994 he starred as the title character in Forrest Gump.

Starting out in the year 1981 at a bus stop, Forrest Gump starts to tell a woman the story of his life. Through a flashback we learn that Forrest is a slow witted young boy who has a mother who fought for him to get an education. We also learn that he has one friend, Jenny. Forrest and Jenny stay friends through out the years, until Forrest gets a scholarship to the University of Alabama on the account that he can run fast and Jenny ends up with the hippy movement. Jenny and Forrest go their separate ways with Forrest never forgetting her. Forrest ends up joining the army making friends with a man named Bubba who dies in action in Vietnam. His other friend is Lieutenant Dan, whom he ends up saving. However, Dan ends up getting both of his legs paralyzed. When Forrest comes home he s rewarded the Medal of Honor for heroism. After the ceremony he is reunited with Jenny. We learn that Jenny has lead a life of sex, drugs and rock and roll. However, happy reunion is cut short with Jenny going back to the hippie movement. Forrest ends up buying a shrimping boat to fulfill a promise to Bubba to start a shrimping business. In the meantime, Lieutenant Dan has invested in Apple Inc., ensuring that Forrest is set for life. After spending his mother’s final days with her, he sees Jenny again. Forrest proposes to her only to be turned down. Yet, Jenny and Forrest sleep together. In the morning Jenny leaves without a word to Forrest breaking his heart. This leads Forrest to go on a run for a very long time. After gaining world wide attention, he decides to stop. Soon after he sees Jenny again who informs him he has a son named Forrest. Although, Forrest is happy he learns that Jenny is dying from an unknown virus, it is implied she has HIV. Forrest and Jenny marry with Jenny dying shortly after. The movie flashes forward to present day at the bus stop with Forrest reuniting with his son. From there the movie closes with Forrest sending his son, Forrest off to school with Curious George, a book he loved as a child.

Forrest Gump is one of those films that continues to be loved by many people today. On July 9, 1956, Tom Hanks was born to live a life of inspiration for many people. His portrayal as Forrest Gump in the 1994 film Forrest Gump is one of the many films that he has starred in for many years with more to come.


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