Hamlet (1948)

On July 11, 1989 the world lost one of the most iconic Shakespearean actors of all time. Laurence Olivier was best known for bringing many characters to life created by William Shakespeare. None of the portrayals were such like his role as the lead in the 1948 film Hamlet.

Sticking true to the story, we follow Hamlet the Prince of Denmark as he struggles to cope with his fathers recent death. Being told not to grieve by his mothers new husband, Polonius, who is also Hamlet’s uncle, he finds himself struggling with to move on with life. However, when he sees the ghost of his father, Hamlet starts to suspect that Polonius did kill his father. After telling his girlfriend, Ophelia, to never see him again, pushing his mother, Gertrude, aside as far as possible, and isolating himself from friends and family, Hamlet slowly descends into madness. Polonius is starting to become slowly aware of Hamlet’s knowledge of his deeds begins to work on assassinating him. But, this does not go according to plan with many more people dying around him. At the end of the movie, Hamlet dies alongside Ophelia and Gertrude who are suspected to have committed suicide.

Today, many people know Hamlet as the play they had to read in college or high school. Yet, in the 1948 version with Laurence Olivier, there is nothing quite like it. Laurence Olivier passed away on July 11, 1989 with many people remarking on his work that he accomplished.


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