Marnie1.jpgNo one wrote a book quite like Winston Graham. His words have been read around the world inspiring many. However, none of them were quite like his book 1961 book Marnie. Growing in popularity, Alfred Hitchcock made Marnie into a movie in 1964.

Marnie Edgar is a beautiful young woman who has a troubled past. After being caught stealing over twenty-five thousand dollars from her employer, she winds up taking a job for a tax consultant. From there Marnie goes to meet her mother and giver her the money that she received. After this visit, Marnie meets wealthy widower Mark Rutland. Very taken with Marnie, Mark offers her a job. However, when Marnie starts to steal money from him Mark tracks her down to a horse stable and blackmails her into marrying him. With the two married much to the annoyance of his late wife’s family, things start to come out. Marnie admits to Mark that she cannot stand being touched by men as well as tell him that her mother has passed on. When Mark discovers this, the reasoning behind Marnie’s troubled past comes to light. At a meeting with Bernice, we learn that Marnie’s mother was once a prostitute. One night one of her customers got too aggressive with her leading Marnie to kill him with a fire poker. After this flashback, the movie starts to close with Marnie accepting the truth of her own suppressed memory.

On July 10, 2003, Winston Graham passed away leaving behind a legacy of literary work. In 1964 his book Marnie was made into a movie by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock. Although this movie is not as well known as his other works,many people still enjoy the work that Winston Graham did.


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