The Wolf Man

Lon Chaney Jr., took after his father with creating one of the most iconic movie monsters of all time. In the 1941 he brought to life The Wolf Man in the iconic horror film by the same name. On July 12, 1973, he passed away but not before scaring people with this iconic monster.

Larry Talbot seems to have his life all together, until his brother passes away. Afterwards, he is forced to go to his ancestral home in Wales where he starts to reconcile with his father. While there he starts a relationship with a local woman named Gwen. However, one night while walking home from an event with Gwen and her friend Jenny, they are attacked. When trying to save them, he ends up being attacked by an unknown beast he kills with a walking stick. After returning home, Larry starts to realize that something is not quite right with him. Upon the meeting with a gypsy he, reluctantly, accepts that he is a werewolf. With this new startling information he does his best to avoid the people around him. Knowing that he will be a danger to anyone once the moon is full, Larry starts to reevaluate his life and escape into the woods. Yet, people start to look for Larry believing his story to be absurd. Unfortunately, it is a full moon out with Larry transforming into a werewolf. His father sees Larry attacking people in this form and attacks him. After this, Larry’s father, Gwen, and some of the townspeople watch in horror as Larry becomes himself again as the credits close.

On July 12, 1973 the world lost the original werewolf. Lon Chaney Jr., walked in the footsteps of bringing one of the most terrified creatures to life in cinema. Today the 1941 film classic The Wolf Man still remains the beloved classic it was then.


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