On July 13, 1940 a legend was born. Patrick Stewart has grown on to become one of the most recognized actors in several fandom’s across the board. One of those fandom’s happens to be X-Men. In 2000 he portrayed the iconic Professor Charles Xavier in the movie by the same name.

In a world where mutants are popping up everywhere Professor Charles Xavier opens a school for gifted teenagers. However, there is much opposition to this due to the government’s worry about a takeover. When the offer of laws being revealed to restrain the mutants from their “natural” habitats, Magneto kidnaps the senator behind it. Even though, Magneto has been able to make it look as though the senator is safe and sound, Professor X knows better. Together with the team of mutants he has gathered from far and wide across the United States, they ban together to stop Magneto and his henchmen from taking over the world.

In 2000 X-Men came to big screen to be a smash hit. Throughout this film, there are many twists and turns that bring everyone to their feet. Patrick Stewart portrayed the iconic Professor X with his many acting abilities.


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