Anastasia (1997)

One of the biggest mysteries of all time came with the tragic shooting of the Romanov family. This tragedy lead to the question of whether or not the Grand Duchess Anastasia lived. The whereabouts of Tsar Nicholas’s youngest daughter during the mass shooting became a question. Some believed she escaped, while others believed that she perished that fateful night: July 17, 1918. In the 1997 animated musical, Anastasia, we follow the story based on this story.

The movie opens with Anastasia’s grandmother revealing that her family was murdered at the beginning of the Russian Revolution due to Rasputin wanting revenge. Rasputin believed he was wronged by Tsar Nicholas because he was using black magic to move up in life. We learn that Anastasia was separated from her family when they were leaving Russia, with her grandmother never seeing her again.

The film then flashes forward to 1926 with Anastasia’s grandmother offering a high reward for her return. However, with people believing her to be dead there is little hope. That is until we meet Dmitri who takes on the task of hiring an impostor to bring to Paris. While this is going on we are introduced to an adult Anastasia who goes by the name of Anya. We learn that she has no memory of her past with a necklace given to her by her grandmother saying “Together in Paris.” Anya then goes on a journey to go to Paris running into Dimitri and his cohort Vladimir. They agree to take Anya to Paris, unaware that she really is Anastasia.

However, their journey is compromised with Rasputin who’s spirit still lives in a filthy dark space. Rasputin does his best to kill Anya, Dimitri, and Vladimir because he sold his soul when he wanted to take down the Romanov family. Despite his plans, the trio manage to make it to Paris. However, tensions run high when Anastasia’s grandmother has given up hope on seeing her again. Dimitri manages to convince her to meet Anya. When this happens there is a happy reunion between Anya, who now knows her real identity, and her grandmother.

But, their reunion is short lived when Rasputin comes to town. In the meantime, a heart broken Dimitri runs into him when he starts to leave Paris. Anastasia finds herself in his clutches with Dimitri by her side. She manages to destroy Rasputin choosing to run off with Dimitri, instead of a life beside her grandmother at the throne.

Anastasia came out in 1997 as a animated musical fiction based on the iconic mystery. Today, there are many people who still question the whereabouts of Anastasia Romanov on the evening of July 17, 1918. Many say she was murdered, others say she escaped. To be honest, I believe she perished on that fateful night. None the less, Anastasia is a movie musical that is beloved today.


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