Cooking is one the many things that I enjoy doing. Whether it be a new or an old recipe, I can’t help but love cooking. I learned today that July 25 is considered World Culinarian Day. I could not think of a better movie than the 2007 animated film Ratatouille to honor this special day.

Remy is a rat, literally. He was raised to live life like a rat, but never cared for their ways. After many years of eating questionable food, he takes off to Paris to achieve his dreams of being a chef. Bring in Linguini, a chef who is down on his luck and doesn’t really know what he is doing. Remy and Linguini combine forces where Remy is helping him become the best cook in the area. But, will it be enough when the head chef gets a glimpse of what is going on. Knowing that the secret cannot be kept forever, Remy and Linguini manage to make many dishes bringing in food critics who are raving. However, one night a jealous cook and a prestigious food critic arrive leaving the two to make a dish that will be, considered, the greatest of all time.

Ratatouille is the essential film that inspires many people to go out and cook. On July 25, this day has been designated for all of those who love to cook. You don’t have to be a head chef in order to try out a new recipe for the first time, just go and do it.


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