Clue Poster.jpgEileen Brennan, to me, is one of those unsung actresses in Hollywood. In several movies, television, and theater she brought to life characters that would go on and inspire. On July 28, 2013 she passed away after leading a life in acting. In the 1984 movie Clue, she brought to life Mrs. Peacock, in this who done it based on the board game.

Six very different people from all walks of life are invited to a dinner party in their honor. After being introduced by the butler to their host, Mr. Body, they find themselves in the middle of a mystery. While in the middle of dinner in this spooky mansion, Mr. Body ends up being murdered. The six strangers who go by the names that were picked out for them end up trying to think of ways to expose the killer and bring the police to them. However, each one of them has a hidden secret that could land them in jail. Once the maid and cook are murdered, as well as several guests that appear at the door, they come to the conclusion that the killer is closer than they think. Through various comedic hi jinx’s the killer is exposed. Yet, if you watch the film, you will find that there are three different endings with a different reason behind each of them.

Eileen Brennan brought to life Mrs. Peacock in the 1985 film Clue. Throughout her life she was able to life several other characters aside from Mrs. Peacock. Her name may not be as well known as the others she starred aside, yet she left her mark.


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