The Last House on the Left (1972)

LastHousePoster.jpgOn August 2, 1939 a master of horror was born: Wes Craven. Throughout his career in film he was able to bring to life movies that would scare people out of their wits. One of those movies, The Last House on the Left was one of his first not just horror, but exploitation films.

Mari Collingwood and her friend Phyllis are out on the town for Mari’s seventeenth birthday. However, their night goes awry when they try buying drugs off a group of escaped convicts. Although, they are unaware that they are convicts when they meet them, the two girls find themselves kidnapped and on a terrifying ride. After Phyllis and Mari are raped, stabbed, and beaten they try to figure out a way to escape. Mari realizes that her house is nearby where her parents live. Sadly, Mari and Phyllis are killed before they can escape. The convicts then head on down to the Collingwoods posing as salesmen. Upon entry they learn who they are the parents of. Unbeknownst to them, the Collingwoods discover what they did to their daughter. The parents then head back to exact their revenge on them for murdering their daughter.

Wes Craven was able to bring to life exploitation in the form of horror. In The Last House on the Left we are horrified and disgusted when Mari and Phyllis are raped and tortured. On August 2, 1939, Wes Craven was born with a legacy of horror films ahead of him.


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