On August 3, 1936 Jesse Owens won the 100 meter dash in the Berlin Olympics. He was against many odds as he was a minority. Never the less, this inspirational athlete would go on to become a legend. In 2016, he became the subject of the movie Race, chronicling Jesse’s pave to victory.

We are introduced to Jesse as the first man in to attend college. After going to Ohio State under the coaching of Larry Snyder he starts to show extraordinary skills on the field. However, his coaching is not as easy as it sounds, after their first meeting Jesse is expected to be on the track and field training. You see, Larry has convinced Jesse that he could go to the Olympics. Larry who was unable to go into the Olympics in 1924 hopes to live through Jesse with a victory.

Yet, Jesse has his own personal life to worry about. While training at college, Jesse marries his girlfriend Ruth. In the midst of all this Jesse has to get a job in order to support his wife and child. Larry is frustrated with the amount of practice that Jesse has been missing when he discovers that he has a daughter. Larry believing in Jesse gives him a job in order to help him make the bills and train.

With his training paying off Jesse makes the U.S. Olympic team and heads off to Berlin. Now, this is Berlin in 1936 where there are laws that discriminate against Jews and other minorities. But, for the games, Hitler and the Nazis are temporarily suspending them. Upon arrival Jesse and Larry continue to train more for them. Knowing that he is in a land where his is heavily looked down upon, Jesse works harder than ever to achieve Olympic gold. He does so to the shock of many people around him in Nazi Germany and the world. This proved to be a huge shock for Leni Riefenstahl, a film director, and Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, as they are trying to show the white race as superior to all. After winning four gold medals, Jesse and Larry return home where Jesse is still subject to racism. Jesse gains the respect of new fans, even those who are white. The movie closes with revealing what happened to the characters portrayed. Jesse and Ruth had four daughters, while Larry continued to coach at Ohio State.

Race is a prevalent movie in portraying Jesse Owens as a hero. After being looked down upon all his life by those who were of higher standard, he was able to win four Olympic Gold Medals in the 1936 Olympic Berlin Games where everything was divided. On August 3, 1936, Jesse Owens won one of his four gold medals at the 100 meter dash.


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