Du Barry Was a Lady

Lucille Ball has to be one of the most well known comedians of all time. On August 6, 1911, this funny red head was born bringing laughter into the lives of millions. Throughout her career she was able to bring to life many characters including May Daly in the 1943 film Du Barry Was a Lady.

When night club attendant Louis Blore gets drinks a drugged cocktail he is transported into the past. Finding himself as King Louis XV, he finds himself in quite a bit of trouble. Throughout his time in the past he finds he meets Madame Du Barry who looks like May Daly, a woman who he lives with and the Black Arrow who looks like her lover Alec Howe. Throughout song and dance, Louis has tries to figure out a way to get back to the present while not drawing attention to himself. Yet, through all of this he learns the he is in love with May Daly, while heavily despising the man who she is with. Eventually, he is able to wake up from his crazed dream to find himself proposing marriage to May which she accepts. In the end of this time traveling musical, everyone ends up happily ever after.

Throughout this comedic time traveling movie, we are able to watch the past come alive. With the talents of Lucille Ball in the leading female role as May Daly, she once again brought laughs to millions. On August 6, 1911, the woman who many people know as Lucy Ricardo was brought into the world.  Lucille Ball is a legend that will live on through life.


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