Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman Poster.jpgCharlize Theron has brought to life several different characters throughout her career in film. Yet, her role as evil Queen Ravenna in Snow White and the Huntsman sticks out the most. In the 2012 film adaptation of the popular story, she portrays a terrifying queen like no other.

The movie opens up with the story about Snow White’s early life, we learn that her mother past on when she was a child. While her father is out fighting wars, Snow White continues to grow. One day after a battle her father brings home Ravenna, a woman who appeared to be held captive. On their wedding night, Ravenna stages a coup leading to the death of King Magnus. After trying to escape, Snow White ends up being captured held in a tower for many years. One day she finally escapes willing to gain back what is rightfully hers. However, this journey becomes dangerous as Ravenna hires Eric, a huntsman, to kill her. Yet, upon meeting her Eric chooses not to kill her and assist her in her plight. Along the journey, she meets her childhood friend William, who is the son of a duke. Upon their meeting, William is overjoyed as he once believed her dead, and finds her resources she needs to take back the kingdom in her fathers name. Their journey brings them to a fairy sanctuary where they meet the seven dwarfs who will help them. After meeting more people who are willing to fight, Snow White makes a powerful speech that encourages many of them to join her. They choose to go to the castle and take on Ravenna. However, this is a battle where many people are lost leading to a showdown between Ravenna and Snow White. Snow White manages to defeat Ravenna claiming her kingdom. Yet, with one battle over the new queen must decide who she loves as she developed feelings for both Eric and William.

On August 7, 1971, Charlize Theron was born to become an actress like no other. In Snow White and the Huntsman, she brought to life iconic evil queen like no other. In this film, she brought to life Ravenna as a queen that many people love and hate at the same time.


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