The Hunger Games

HungerGamesPoster.jpgSuzanne Collins created a dystopian universe like no other. In her best selling book series The Hunger Game we are introduced to a sci-fi world where the rich live far from the poor. The highlight of the year for the rich are when a group of twenty four teenagers, one boy and one girl, from twelve districts compete in a fight to the death competition called The Hunger Games. In 2012, the first book in this fantastic series premiered.

Katniss Everdeen lives in District 12 of Panem, the poorest one. After her father died in a mining accident when she was a child, she is left to take care of her younger sister Prim and grief stricken mother. On the day of the “reaping” for the seventy-fourth annual Hunger Games, she partakes in illegal hunting with her friend Gale. The two of them talk about running away knowing that they wouldn’t get far. Upon return to her home, Katniss sees Prim dressed up for the “reaping”. Knowing that Prim is worried her name will be called to participate in The Hunger Games, Katniss calms her down and reassures her that there is no way her name will be called. However, her name is called leading Katniss to volunteer in her place. The boy who is set to compete alongside Katniss is a Peeta Mellark.

Soon, the two are whisked away to the Capitol, where the elite live. Upon arrival Katniss and Peeta are in awe of the goods that they never have had before, like electricity. Yet, they have to show the gamemakers that they are able bodied for competition in order to gain a high score and appease the public. Both are able to do so with Peeta revealing that he has had a crush on Katniss since they were children. Soon, a shocked Katniss and a scared Peeta enter into the Hunger Games. Both are able to escape the initial bloodbath at the cornucopia, yet they are separated. Katniss manages to make it into the woods avoiding the other teenagers. While hiding in a tree at night she sees Peeta with a pack of four who are looking to kill her for showing them up in the days leading up to the competition. Did Peeta sell out to them? Will Katniss survive? What will be left of her if she does? Those are questions to be answered when you watch the movie.

On August 10, 1962 Suzanne Collins was born with an imagination that continues to grow. In 2012, The Hunger Games premiered in theaters to acclaim by many. Writing the original book series of The Hunger Games, there would be no grand adventure without her.


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