August 13, 1942 Walt Disney’s fifth full length feature Bambi was released into theaters. Many people fell in love with the baby deer and swore off venison forever. Not all people swore off venison, yet this beautiful animated classic is beloved by many.

When Bambi is born to his mother he is being called a young prince. Throughout his childhood, he continues to grow while becoming friends with Thumper and Flower. However, his mother informs him of man as they come to hunt deer, like him. One day, Bambi’s mother is killed when she is protecting him from the hunters. Flashfoward to a couple of years when Bambi has grown up. Finding himself, as well as Thumper and Flower finding potential mates with Bambi falling in love with Faline. However, he is challenged by a deer who has feelings for Faline, yet he manages to defeat him. Shortly after the fight, Bambi is woken up by a fire in the forest with Faline. However, he is cornered by a group of viscous dogs. Yet, the two manage to escape with Faline and Bambi becoming parents the following spring.

Bambi is a classic that many people have fallen in love with over and over again. On August 13, 1942, Walt Disney released Bambi to the world. Many people fell in love with the young deer and the world around him.


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