The Ten Commandments

One of the most iconic and well respected directors of all time was brought into the world on August 12, 1881. Cecil B. DeMille left his mark in cinema in his lifetime as an inspiration for generations of directors after him. Out of his inspiring career, his masterpiece The Ten Commandments is a beloved classic by all. This 1956 biblical epic, is enjoyed by many on Easter weekend on television.

Staying true to the story of Moses as the son of a Hebrew who survived by his mother sending him down a river. Found by the Ramses wife he is taken in and raised to be a prince. Known well by all as a prince who is a good man and sympathizes with the Jews, he discovers his true heritage. After this he is shunned by the world he has known being sent into the desert. With in time, he comes across a group of people who take him in. However, back in Egypt Ramses dies with his son Ramses II taking the throne. This new pharaoh is not as kind as the one before him. Marrying the woman who once loved Moses he starts to rule over Egypt in power and cruelty. Later on, Moses returns home at God’s insistence to free the Hebrews. When he returns God plagues Egypt leading to the death of the Pharaohs son when the angel of death comes. This leads Ramses II to let Moses lead his followers across the Red Sea. He does so, yet, Ramses, changes his mind sending his men after the slaves. The worried people are able to make it across the sea because God blocked their path. When the final Hebrew crosses the line, God closed the sea killing the army that Ramses II had sent. When Ramses returns home, he and his wife are implied to spend the rest of their lives alone. Meanwhile, Moses and struggles with keeping the Hebrews inline. He decides to take a walk leaving Joshua, a man faithful to Moses and God, to take charge. This falls apart when Dathan, a man who is loyal to Ramses II and despises Moses, convinces the crowd the Moses had abandoned them as did God. The people form an angry mob leading to the building of a golden calf right as Moses is arriving. Upon his return, Moses smashes the Ten Commandments God had given to him in the mountain. Yet, God performs miracles in order to make the Hebrews believe in him again and gives Moses another set of Commandments. The movie then leads to close with Moses entering the mountain as the Hebrews enter Canaan.

In 1956 Cecil B. DeMille shocked crowds around the world with the biblical epic The Ten Commandments. Beloved by all who came across this film as groundbreaking with the special effects and Charlton Heston’s portrayal as Moses. On August 12, 1881, Cecil B. DeMille was born with quite the inspiring legacy ahead of him.


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