The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Original Rocky Horror Picture Show poster.jpgThe Rocky Horror Picture Show has to be one of the greatest cult classics of all time. On August 14, 1975, Rocky Horror Picture Show became the longest running theatrical release in London. This great accomplishment is on that shown to still be loved by many people who went out and danced to Time Warp and yelled Dammit Janet at the screen.

Brad and Janet are a happy in love couple who get engaged after a friends wedding. The two head home only for their car to break down in rainstorm. They find the nearest house to go to call for help. Invited in by Riff Raff and Magenta they learn that the residents are quite strange. Attempting to leave after being introduced they are stopped by Frank-N-Furter, “sweet” transvestite from Transylvania. The two then find themselves stuck inside a strange Frankenstein type house with a mad scientist, Frank-N-Furter to complete. The two are separated but encounter more strange scenarios. After a visit from a high school teacher who’s nephew was murdered by Frank-N-Furter. Eventually, Brad and Janet are turned into stone, only to find themselves as part of a show by Frank-N- Furter. Sadly, the show is cut short with Frank-N-Furter being murdered by Magenta and Riff Raff. Brad and Janet escape watching the house become a spaceship and fly away.

One of the most beloved cult classics of all time is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Today, it is still beloved by many who rush to late night night shows to enjoy throwing toast and dancing in their seats. On August 14, 1975,this became the longest running theatrical release in London.


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