Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas 1964 Poster.jpgOn August 16, 1977, The King of Rock and Roll passed away. Elvis Presley is still an icon today in music, movies and pop culture in general even twenty-nine years after his death. In Viva Las Vegas he is able to prove his acting abilities to the world

Lucky goes to Las Vegas to compete in the city’s first annual Grand Prix. However, his car is in need of a new engine before he could compete. He start to work towards receiving the money to get a new engine. As he is about to reach his goal he is pushed into a pool by a manager losing all of it. The woman who pushed him in is Rusty, the nubile swim instructor. He then starts to work as a waiter in order to pay his hotel bill and get a new car engine. However, he has a crush on Rusty, and tries to win her affections. But, all maybe lost, as Lucky manages to get enough money to get a new car engine in order to race in the Grand Prix. He has to face off against competition both personal and professional. Eventually, Rusty falls for Lucky and starts to change him into what she wants. Rusty and Lucky start a life together.

Viva Las Vegas premiered in 1964 starring Elvis Presley in the lead role. On August 16, 1977 the world lost Elvis Presley, but he is still remembered today. His life and contribution to music is forever remembered.


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