Dirty Dancing

If there is one role Patrick Swayze is most remembered for it is Johnny in Dirty Dancing. In the 1987 film, he takes the role as a rogue dancer who captures the heart of nearly everyone around him. This movie follows Johnny as he slowly captures the heart of a sheltered girl.

Baby and her family head up to the Catskills in the summer of 1963. After being bored around the Kellerman’s resort with her affluent family, she sneaks out and finds a club where some of the staff like to dance. There she meets Johnny and his partner, Penny. Although, their initial meeting goes awry, Johnny finds himself dependent on Baby when his partner ends up pregnant and hospitalized after a botched abortion. Baby ends up taking dance lessons with Johnny to become his partner in the shows he participates in. However, her father believes that it is Johnny who impregnated Penny, when in reality it was a womanizing waiter whom has his eye on medical school. As the film goes on Johnny and Baby fall in love with each other, leading to him to turn away a sex with Vivian. Robbie, the womanizing waiter, ends up with Vivian leading to Johnny and Baby’s love affair to be exposed. Vivian sees Johnny leaving a cabin with Baby and accuses him of theft. Johnny and Baby are found out and he ends up being fired. But, not all is lost, after all this is a romantic comedy. With the summer coming to a close, Baby and her family watch the Kellerman’s talent show. Johnny shows up and invites her on stage, she goes against her father’s wishes. After putting on quite the show, Robbie accidentally tells her father about him being the one to knock up Penny while insulting Baby. With the truth coming out, Baby and Johnny end up dancing the night away.

In 1987 Dirty Dancing became an instant classic the moment it came to theaters. Patrick Swayze brought to life the iconic character of Johnny. On August 18, 1952, Patrick Swayze was born with dancing moves like no other.


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