A Night in Casablanca

On August 19, 1977, the world lost Groucho Marx. This iconic comedian brought to life many characters who are inspirational. Many people loved him in several movies where he starred alongside his brothers. In the 1946 film A Night in Casablanca we follow him as a hotel manager who ends up in a sticky situation.

Shortly after World War II has ended, there is an escaped Nazi war criminal in hiding. Heinrich Stubel, has gone to extreme lengths to make sure that he is not punished for the crimes that he has committed. Along his journey, he finds himself at the Hotel Casablanca. There he murders the hotel manager scaring anyone into taking the position.

Then in comes Ronald Kornblow as the new manager blissfully unaware that he is being hired because no one will take the position. So, Stubel starts to plot ways to murder Kornblow. From hiring a man to convince him to become his bodyguard to finding a woman to romance him, Kornblow just seems to get away from being murdered by Stubel. However, Kornblow ends up being throw in jail as Stubel has framed him in an attempt to get away. But, Kornblow, as well as, the other wronged stooges, ends up crashing the plane that Stubel and his mistress are escaping on. Coincidentally, the plane crashes into a police station where Stubel is taken into custody and the innocent men are freed.

Comedy is a hard genre to please others consistently in. Groucho Marx manages to do this with no problem. In A Night in Casablanca, he manages to prove that he is able to entertain using his comic genius. On August 19, 1977, Groucho Marx passed away, but not without leaving behind a legacy of laughter.


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