Kristen Wiig had no problem making a comedic splash in the 2011 film Bridesmaids. In this hysterical adventure we are introduced to a woman in her thirties who becomes maid of honor for her best friend. However, she winds up being roped into some wacky situations that are bridal related.

When Annie’s best friend Lillian gets engaged, her life starts to turn upside down. While happy for Lillian, she finds herself rethinking her life as she is roommates with a brother and sister as well as having an uncommitted relationship with a self absorbed man. After being named maid of honor, Annie goes to Lillian’s for an engagement party. There she meets her fellow bridesmaids: cynical Rita, idealistic Becca, the raunchy future sister-in-law Megan, and finally the vain Helen. With the exception of Helen, Annie feels fine around them. However, she quickly finds that Helen is hijacking all of her duties as maid of honor. When Helen accidentally crosses the line by planning a Parisian wedding shower, that Annie suggested, she loses it. After not talking with Lillian for a while she finds herself all alone again. But, she does find romance with a cop and ends up moving back in with her mother after she loses her job. Eventually, Annie learns that Lillian needs her when she goes missing on her wedding day. Along with Helen, she starts to look for Lillian only to discover that she was in her own apartment. Annie goes and talks to her about the huge next chapter in her life she is about to take on. With Lillian walking down the aisle and getting married, Annie decides to start on the next chapter with her life.

Kristen Wiig celebrated her birthday yesterday, August 22. In the 2011 movie Bridesmaids, she had no problem taking typical wedding prep scenarios and turning them into comedic disasters. Kristen Wiig is a woman who will continue to make strides in comedy breaking down walls.


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