Singin’ in the Rain

Gene Kelly sang the iconic song Singin’ in the Rain in the 1952 musical comedy Singin’ in the Rain. In his life Gene Kelly was able to help pave the way for future musicals. On August 23, 1912 Gene Kelly was born to a humble beginning with dance, song, and acting in his future.

Don Lockwood is a humble silent star who can barely tolerate his leading lady. However, Lina, believes that the two are in love and meant to be. When his new film premieres Don decides to tell an exaggerated story of his life leading to his words being contradicted. When the movie ends he hurriedly escapes his fans by jumping into a cab with Kathy Seldon. Kathy tells him that she is a stage actress while sniping at his talents. When Don heads to a party, he is delighted when Kathy shows up as a chorus girl. However, things go awry when Lina tells Don that she got Kathy fired because she realized that he is smitten with her. Furious with what Lina had done Don starts to search for Kathy to bring her back.

When he does find Kathy she tells him that she has been a fan of his all along. With Kathy back, Don looks to find  new talent to bring to the stage with the success of the first “talkie” The Jazz Singer. Along the way they meet Cosmo who comes up with the idea of the taking a silent film and turning into a musical. By chance the movie The Dueling Cavalier fails giving Cosmo, Don and Kathy the door to turn this film into what they had been looking for. After some hilarious results, Lina finds herself being sent away as she cannot sing with Kathy taking the lead. This leads to Lina sabotaging everything Kathy does in order to make the film what they want. When the film hits, it is a financial success even. However, when Lina, Don and Cosmo are asked to put on a concert with the songs from The Dueling Cavalier the curtain is raised revealing Kathy as the singer. An infuriated Lina leaves the stage with Kathy being revealed to be the big star by Don who heads after her where they embrace.

Gene Kelly’s role as Don Lockwood has became iconic the moment the Singin’ in the Rain hit theaters. On August 23, 1912, Gene Kelly was born with a life that would be strongly influential ahead of him. Singin’ in the Rain continues to be a classic that continues to beloved by many today.


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