North By Northwest

Northbynorthwest1.jpgYesterday on August 25 the National Park Service celebrated their 100th birthday. Many national parks are celebrated year round by people of all ages. Some are old and iconic that draw many to them. Others are just a nice place to go and relax. In the 1959 thriller North by Northwest one of the most iconic National Parks is featured, Mount Rushmore.

Roger Thornhill is a typical advertising agent who ends up in a whirl of trouble when he ends up kidnapped and interrogated. After being shaken up by his mysterious kidnapper he tries to convince others about his ordeal. However, no one close to him believes him. Through all of this he ends up fleeing in order to find the real Kaplan, the man who he was mistaken for. Along the way he meets Eve Kendall who believes him. The two end up in a race against time with espionage and spies around every corner. After nearly being assassinated in a cornfield by an airplane, Thornhill realizes that he it is up to him to find out the truth behind a spy ring that brings him all the way to the top of Mount Rushmore. There he learns about a secret piece of microfilm and what it contains. But, I won’t spoil the ending.

In 1959 Mount Rushmore was featured in North by Northwest. Mount Rushmore is one of the most iconic National Parks in America being visited by thousands of people everyday. On August 25, 1916 the National Park Service opened for the first time in America.


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