Spy Kids

Alexa PenaVega has brought to life many characters in her life as an actress. However, it was not until Spy Kids premiered in 2001 when she had her big break. In this family comedy there are two normal children discover a secret about their supposedly boring parents.

Carmen and Juni Cortez have a basic picturesque life with two parents who love them. Unbeknownst to the two kids their parents are former spies who end up being called back into the field when a popular television character is believed to have kidnapped agents. When their parents end up being kidnapped, Carmen and Juni are pulled into the world of spies as they head off to bring their parents home. However, this journey is dangerous as they dodge spies who are aware that the two kids are on to them. Carmen and Juni end up finding their parents friends and working with them. But, along the way they learn that Floop, the beloved children’s character is the mastermind behind a kidnapping scheme. With Carmen and Juni eventually finding their parents they end up having to stop Floop from replacing all the leaders of the world with robots. The family starts to work on bringing down Floop and they manage to do so. In the end Carmen and Juni agree with their parents to take cases as a family.

Spy Kids was enjoyed by families all over the world when it premiered. Alexa PenaVega, then known as Alexa Vega, starred in the film as the daughter Carmen who ends up in the world of spies. On August 27, 1988, Alexa PenaVega was born with a life of acting ahead of her.


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