The Stepford Wives (1975)

Stepfordwivesposter.jpgOn August 26, 1970 a movement led by Betty Friedan resulted in Women’s Strike for Equality. This historic movement raised awareness for equal rights for women in the workforce, politics, and social equality in marriage. However, as history would show women have not always been treated fairly. In the 1975 film The Stepford Wives we are introduced to a young married woman who ends up moving with her husband to a place to learn to be the perfect housewife.

When Joanna Eberhart and her husband Walter move to Connecticut with their young children. Upon arrival something is strange about area to Joanna, but not to her husband. She strikes up a friendship with Bobbie start to investigate the strange happenings around Stepford. The two learn that some of the wives were successful women until they moved. One incident at a supermarket where Joanna accidentally backs into another car causes her to become more suspicious about the happenings in the area. Then one day Joanna wins a prestigious prize her photographs being featured in a museum. When Joanna goes to visit Bobbie to tell her the great news she notices that Bobbie is not the same. Bobbie’s house has completely changed, as did she. She now has become a picture perfect housewife unlike her original persona. Upset Joanna ends up being in a car accident with damage to the car. Her upset husband fails to see and understand why she is so angry with what has happened to Bobbie. But, Joanna learns that the club that her husband has been apart of with the mayor has been more deceitful. This all happens when she returns to her house to get her children to leave for New York. When she is hurriedly looking for her child she ends up lured into a trap set up by her husband and the men who are part of the club. She finds out that the Stepford Wives are robots who are set up to be model housewives. Upset and annoyed with their wife’s independent success each husband has killed his own wife and replaced her with robot in her liking. Joanna ends up suffering the same fate with a robot as a new couple moves into town.

The Stepford Wives premiered in 1975 based on the book by the same name. In this picturesque movie women know their place based on what their husbands want diminishing their equality. On August 26, 1970 the Strike for Women’s Equality started to eliminate the allow equality for women like the one that was taken from Joanna Eberhart.


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