Rosemary’s Baby

In 1968 Rosemary’s Baby scared the wits out of many people with the story of the Son of Satan being born into the world. This movie would not have been as scary as it is if it was not for Ruth Gordon’s portrayal as the villainous Minnie Castevets. As the wife of a Satanist, we find an innocent young girl in a world where she is terrified and stuck with no way out.

Rosemary Woodhouse and her husband Guy rent an apartment in New York City. The newlywed couple are on cloud nine with the life they are living as it is heavily implied the two hope to start a family soon. When they move in they meet their new neighbors the Castevets. Rosemary and Guy are put off by their behavior but are happy to be welcomed into their new home. Rosemary makes the acquaintance of Terry, a recovering drug addict, who ends up committing suicide. When Rosemary discovers this she is heartbroken and the Castevets explain that she was a troubled young girl. Later that evening Rosemary has a dream that she was being raped by the devil, the only problem is it wasn’t a dream.

Shortly after this encounter Rosemary discovers that she is pregnant. She tells Guy and the Castevets come over to celebrate. However, soon, Rosemary starts to suspect that her pregnancy is anything but normal. She soon starts to crave raw meat and chicken liver, as well as losing weight. She goes to a doctor only for him to not be much help. With the encouragement of her friends she tells Guy she is going to get a second opinion only to infuriate him at the idea. Rosemary starts to do some investigating and comes to the conclusion that the Castevets and her doctor are Satanist. When she approaches Guy on the subject she realizes that he is in on the plot for her to give birth to the son of Satan. Attempting to prevent being taken hostage by the satanist cult, Rosemary discovers they are everywhere and tries to flee. But, she ends up being knocked out only to wake up to discover she has given birth to a son. When she goes to meet her son for the first time she is taken aback by his looks. The Castevets and the other satanist encourage her to take on her motherly duties. She does so as the credits role.

On August 28, 1985 Ruth Gordon passed away with a slew of characters for people to remember her by. But none stands out as much as Minnie Castevets in the 1968 film Rosemary’s Baby. There she brings to life a villain in the form of a kindly neighbor. Ruth Gordon had lived a quiet life, but she did bring to life characters that are loved and feared.



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