On August 29, 1915 Ingrid Bergman was born. This beautiful and iconic actress would help pave the way for many who came after her. On the same day in 1982, she passed away. Through her many performances, her role as Isla Lund sticks out the most in the 1942 film Casablanca.

Rick runs a bar in Casablanca with the Germans having taken over French Morocco. He works alongside his piano man Sam who makes things happier than they seem. However, one night Rick’s ex-girlfriend Ilsa walks into the bar with her husband Victor. Ilsa broke Rick’s heart several years before when she left him in Paris as he and Sam were leaving after the Nazis had taken over. Rick ends up struggling with whether or not to help Victor who is active in the French Resistance. Around every corner he learns that Ilsa is willing to do whatever it takes to help her husband with freeing France from the Germans tyranny. Things get pushed too far when Rick refuses to give Ilsa the tickets she and Victor need to leave Casablanca. That night Rick and Ilsa make love and the two prepare to leave for America the next morning. However, at the last moment Rick decides to give his ticket to Victor knowing that he really belongs with Ilsa. Not to mention, Rick realizes that if he doesn’t let Victor go he could fall to punishment such as being sent to a concentration camp for breaking the law. With Ilsa and Victor on the plane Rick and his cop friend Louis ensure that the two are able to make it out of there. In the end Rick finds a good friend in Louis as they walk away from the airport together.

Casablanca is by far my favorite movie of all time. In 1942 Casablanca premiered to critical acclaim and is a beloved movie by many others. Ingrid Bergman starred as Ilsa Lund in this romantic drama. On August 29, 1982 she passed away as well as she was born on the same day in 1915. Casablanca is one of the many films that brought out her beauty, talent, and poise.


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