A Nightmare on Elm Street

On August 30, 2015 the world lost one of the greatest masters of horror. Wes Craven was well known for creating movie scenarios that would scare anyone at anytime. By praying on fear and horrifying situations, Wes Craven is a name that will scare many for generations to come. In A Nightmare on Elm Street he does just that with an unforgettable movie villain: Freddy Krueger.

When her best friend Tina Gray is murdered, Nancy Thompson learns quickly that it was not her boyfriend Rod. Before she was murdered Tina informed Nancy that she had been having weird dreams about a man chasing her in a boiler room. The night that she died, Nancy and Tina discover they had the same dream. The next day Nancy goes to school and has a nightmare with Freddy Krueger chasing her causing her to burn her arm. Nancy learns that Freddy killed Tina in her dream, but Rod was to blame as he was the only one in the room. When Nancy learns that Rod is in danger she heads over to the police station with her boyfriend Glen, where they learn that Rod had died at Freddy’s hand. Although, it looked like he hung himself, Nancy knows better and must convince others that she is correct. With her father as the police chief and an alcoholic mother Nancy starts to work on defeating Freddy so she can sleep peacefully again. However, when Nancy’s mother brings her to a dream clinic she pulls out his hat of his dream. Learning that she can pull things out of her dream with Freddy she starts to research on ways to stop Freddy in the real world, not her dreams. But, things become complicated when her parents place bars on the window, along with her boyfriend’s parents doing what they can to separate them because they believe, like everyone else, that a sleep deprived Nancy is going insane. Nancy’s mother informs her about Freddy Krueger, telling him that he is a child molester who murdered several children. When he was arrested he was let go due to the judge not signing on the search warrant in the correct place. When he was let go the parents of Elm Street set him on fire burning him to death. Understanding now why Freddy is killing off her and her friends, Nancy falls asleep with discovering that Glen is next on Freddy’s list. Sadly, Glen is murdered with Nancy telling her father that she is going to bring Freddy Krueger out of her dream. Setting her alarm clock she falls asleep one final time in a showdown with Freddy. When she finds Freddy she brings him out leading him on a chase around her house that she had booby trapped specially for him. She does her best to get her fathers attention, when he finally comes over she discovers that he had murdered her mother. When her father leaves the room she finally understands why Freddy got so strong, it was from fear. She tells Freddy she is not afraid allowing him to jump through her. She closes her eyes and opens them up to being outside ready for school with Glen, Rod, and Tina. When she jumps in the car she ends up trapped with them as Freddy’s laughter rings against a nursery rhyme about Freddy.

Wes Craven found a way to scare people out of wanting to sleep. How do you live without sleep? Freddy Krueger is one of the characters that Wes Craven created to scare people using techniques and a story like no other. On August 30, 2015, Wes Craven passed away leaving Freddy Krueger and other terrifying characters as his legacy.


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