Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace

Image result for bonhoeffer agent of graceOn September 1, 1939 Hitler’s Nazi’s invaded Poland causing the outbreak of World War II. There was much resistance to the horrendous treatment Hitler commanded his soldiers to do. One of those men was Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German clergyman. In 2000, Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace premiered to shed light on his life.

Against the advice of many Dietrich Bonhoeffer returns to Germany. Upon his return he learns of the terrible place Germany has become under Adolf Hitler. When the war breaks out Bonhoeffer starts actively protesting the actions of the Nazis knowing that it could cost him his life. So, in order to save his beloved country of Germany, he joins in the plot against Hitler to bring him down. However, Bonhoeffer is caught for his role in Operation Valkyrie in which an explosion took place in order to kill Hitler. As history would tell this plan does not work leading to the execution of his colleagues. It is revealed that on on April 9, 1945 Bonhoeffer was executed in Flaussenberg Concentration Camp.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was one of many German civilians who opposed Hitler and the Nazis. On September 1, 1939 Hitler invaded Poland causing the outbreak of the second World War. But, this was not without the resistance of many people working to bring down Hitler, like Bonhoeffer, in order to stop the Nazi’s cruelty.

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